Saturday, April 26, 2014

Selections from the May 15, 2014 issue

IRS targeted left groups more aggressively than teabaggers;
Bundy’s ‘rights’ aren’t that ancestral;
Texas A.G. wants his own range war with BLM;
Senate still a tossup;
Landrieu aims at ‘Jindal gap’;
Right-wing talkers get payments from con groups;
Controversial Alaska initiatives pushed to general election ballot;
CBO: Medicaid better deal for states than originally predicted;
GOP will block Medicaid expansion to the last man;
GOP govs attack criminal defense lawyers — except their own;
Sickened family awarded $3M in fracking case;
Windmills relatively safe for birds;
Plenty of blame, no action in fertilizer blast probe;
Strike wins UAW recognition;
Gas exports drive higher US prices;
GOP mum on Earth Day;
Superfund site now home to solar farm;
Oklahoma will penalize solar panel installers;
Marijuana goes from poison to medicine;
No, Obama couldn't have been LBJ;
Left challenge could complicate Cuomo re-election

What’s wrong with General Motors?

War on democracy: SCOTUS weighs in

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