Saturday, January 25, 2014

Selections from the February 15, 2014 issue

Obamacare hater now thinks it’s a godsend;
Medicaid enrollment soars;
McAuliffe seeks to expand Medicaid in Virginia;
GOP panic over Christie troubles; passes security test;
Schweitzer as ‘anti-Obama’;
DeVos clan plans to defund Left;
Republicans see Senate opportunities;
Supreme Court may deal another blow to workers;
Chemical company ducks regs and responsibility;
Things fall down, things blow up;
Nebraska Dems get Senate candidate;
'Blue slip' is new barricade in GOP judicial obstruction;
Four years after 'Citizens United,' move to take big money out of politics;
Voter rights compromise has good and bad;
Bipartisan commission: early voting prevents chaos;
James Lankford: wrong on everything;
Supreme Court denies organic farmers defense against GMO suits

Disagree with military brass? How dare he?

West Virginia’s toxic waters just another slight

Choose the economy that works for you

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