Saturday, May 11, 2013

Selections from the June 1, 2013 issue

Austerity cost up to 2.2M jobs;
Obama: worst socialist ever;
New Heritage immigration report contradicts 2006 Heritage report;
Benghazi ‘scandal’: the story thus far;
Ark. health monitors to pipeline spill neighbors: smells OK to us;
Feds crack down on medical marijuana dispensaries;
NRA ‘lawyers up’;
Republicans ready to rumble;
Warren: Give students the same loan rate as banks;
Maine legislature votes to overturn Citizens United;
Fertilizer plant — what's the worst that could happen?
S.C. hates Dems more than lying, cheating hypocrites;
Where to support humane working conditions;
Gov't debt bad, says Mass. Senate nominee debtor;
Limbaugh threatens to quit chain he helped sink ...

What’s wrong with Social Security?

Don’t vent, organize — ‘primary’ a Dem near you

Reasons to ban fracking now

HEALTH CARE/Joan Retsinas
Illegal and sick: medical repatriation

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