Friday, September 14, 2012

Stiff Upper Lip

By Charles Cullen

It hasn't always been our style as Democrats or Liberals to shut up and follow our leader; nor should it be. Debate is healthy and it's what makes our party strong. When our elected representatives don't do what we want them to do, essentially breaking their verbal contract with us, our instinct is to speak out. But I am asking every American of voting age who thinks that President Obama would make a much, much, better leader for the United States than would Mitt Romney to stifle that instinct to criticize what Obama has done wrong somewhat, at least until the election. Look at the body of work and not just the single thing Obama did that you didn't happen to like. Then, proudly wearing your "I voted" sticker, go back to nitpicking every move the President makes.

Don't worry, the Republicans will do all the attacking needed. They will attack Obama for being soft on war even as they attack him for being a war-monger. They will call his economic plan awful even as they draw up a secret economic plan that would make Donald Trump blush. The Republicans have no problem with lies and contradiction. We do. That's why we have to win.

The unfortunate truth is that getting Democrats/Liberals to agree is like herding cats. And that's fine unless you are entering the final stages of a generation-defining Presidential race. Then you need to come together with your fellow voter and, whether or not they agree with you on EVERY issue, reelect the President.

I'll put it out there: I wish Obama had closed Guantanamo. I wish that more troops were coming home from Afghanistan. I wish they were coming home faster. I have not lost a wink of sleep over the killing of Bin Laden, as I tend to believe that if you orchestrate a deadly attack on United States civilians, your life is forfeit. In fact, I believe that being a member of ANY terrorist group that takes serious action against the United States populace should be very hazardous to one's health. I also believe that we should focus our resources on our own workforce, using our military might cautiously and as rarely as we have to.

I disagree with some of the President's moves. Does that mean I'm going to stomp my feet and refuse to vote for him, or worse, vote Romney? Does that mean I'm going to hold my breath until a candidate who agrees with me on every issue comes along? Of course not. I'm going to vote for the best man for the job, who in this case happens to be President Obama.

Finally, I believe that an Obama who is in his second term will tilt back toward the progressive ideals he espoused during his first campaign. An Obama who doesn't have to worry about his reelection bid because he's being blamed for things that occurred before or just days after he took office is an Obama I can believe in.

If Charlotte and the range of speakers can be taken as any indication; I'm right and we can expect a more progressive, economy-focused Obama. If I'm wrong, we can still expect a man who exposes Romney/Ryan as the extremists they are. Either way it's a much better bet than a Romney ticket beholden to the Ultra-Conservatives who helped him.

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